Health & Safety

The culture of executing work in an extremely safe environment with a zero tolerance attitude to safety is engrained into our mentality and we consistently focus on our values with a commitment to maintain and improve the mind-set of our workforce, so that they:   ARRIVE SAFE – WORK SAFE – LEAVE SAFE

We value our workforce and aim to increase their self esteem and positivity by collaborative workshops and cultural changes. Our Policy Statements reflect this approach and we remain committed to measuring triggers of behavior as a means of understanding our people. Whilst we are legally obliged to uphold the usual;

■ Health & Safety Policy
■ Equal Opportunities Policy

We also have a number of policies centered around, culture, behavior, young persons and learning that helps us create a unique integrated workforce.


Saving energy has a positive effect on reducing carbon emissions and as a responsible contractor, DXI Regeneration will continue to develop, introduce and maintain energy efficient systems throughout its operations.

We continue to engage in local community projects aimed at improving their environment and within our own offices and construction sites we strongly believe in promoting ;

■   Waste reduction schemes
■   Car sharing
■   Use of bio – degradable oils and fuels
■   Use of hybrid engines or even electric engines for propulsion
■   Recycling and rainwater harvesting
■   Green travel (cycling to work, walking)

We are also committed to improving our carbon footprint and each construction site and office location regularly reviews it’s footprint using the Environment Agency Carbon Footprint Calculator.

Our continued programme of installing motion sensors to our site offices and our regional offices is ongoing.

Our new offices will have the latest geothermal energy system (ground source heat pumps) installed, along with rainwater harvesting systems, solar panels and even a small wind turbine.

DXI Regeneration has a policy of renewing its transport fleet with hybrid vehicles wherever possible.


DXI Regeneration operates and conducts business within an approved integrated management system. All our processes are managed and controlled to demonstrate ;

■   Sound and practical thinking
■   Accountability and traceability
■   Trust and teamwork with a strong desire to maintain a culture that is conducive to creating a sense of
■   Our systems are regularly reviewed and audited.