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Construction of a 5800m3 attenuation tank with interconnecting inflow and outflow large diameter cocnrete pipes.

Tank wrapped in 1mm LLDPE and buried 3m beneath open space.

The construction of a 5800m3 attenuation tank wrapped in 1mm LLDPE and cited within a public open space.

The tank was connected to the existing surface water system by 1800mm diamerte contrete pipes and 2700mm diameter concreate manholes with a hydrobrake fitted to the downstream end.

A bulk excavation of approcimately 12,000m3 to formation was required prior to installing the tank on a gravel bed interspersed with 150mm dia relief drains.

The tank assembly was inspected regulary by the manufacturer and the adoting authority to ensure compliance to the installation procedures. The LLDPE wrapping was vacuum tested for leaks, prior to the whole tank being very carefully backfilled with suitably selected excavated arisings.