Esh Border Construction Limited

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WSP / Westerleigh Group

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Cut to fill and re-engineering of a former sand pit to create a building plateau, bordered by screening bunds.

The creation of an engineered building plateau within a former sand pit.

A cut to fill earthworks project involving the displacement of 66,000m3 of sands & gravels, the creation of screening bunds and landscaped surface water swales and retention ponds.

Oversized and unsuitable material was temporarily stockpiled prior to on site processing before incorporation into the permanent works.

Silts and saturated sands were laid out in strips and air dried before being assessed for competency to determine which area of fill they would be best suited for

The completed building platform was then developed by DXI to create a gas powered crematorium, with floral tribute areas, remembrance gardens, burial grounds, car parks, pedestrian walkways and a 860m access road.