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Controlled demolition of redundant jetty and associated structures.

Project Management of redundant jetty, reinforced concrete bunker and conveyor system in tidal conditions.

Successfully completed within the constraints of a Marine Licence and exacting conditions imposed by the Regulatory Authorities involved in coastal protection, the environment and the heritage of the area.

Executed using limited beach access, whilst maintaining pedestrian access to the waterfront and the coastline. Beach Marshalls continually patrolled the area and escorted the public to places of safety.

Full recovery of redundant materials – all of which were removed from site to local recycling centres and processed for re-use.

Greenheart timber piles and oak beams were sawn into sections and re-used on construction projects in the surrounding areas.

All timbers piles with steel shoes were removed to within 2m of the sea bed.

The conveyor belting system removed as part of the demolition process, passed beneath the:

  • Coastal railway line (Network Rail)
  • Major Trunk road
  • Sustrans Route