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Delvis Firth ; FCC Environment Ltd

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Controlled demolition of redundant steel framed and cladded building & associated refurbishment works within a “live” HWRC

Controlled demolition of a redundant steel framed building on a live HWRC site in Staffordshire.

The demolition was carefully planned to commence mid-afternoon on a Friday and was completed in the early hours of Saturday morning when the site was closed for business.

Upon re-opening the site at 8.00am the building was completely demolished and all the debris was safely stored in skips in readiness for off – site disposal.

Pre-demolition works included :

  • Structural surveys
  • Service disconnections / isolations
  • Establishment of a well defined exclusion zone
  • Liaison with South Staffs Council
  • Development of a Demolition Plan

The refurbishment works included :

  • Concrete hardstandings
  • Push wall panels
  • Walkways and handrailings
  • Drainage diversions
  • Installation of soakaways

FCC Commented : “DXI did an exceptionally well planned job without a hitch and delivered on time to the highest quality, with a committed and dedicated team”