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Construction of 9480m2 of roller compacted concrete composting slab.

Re-location of the existing compost pods to a temporary constructed HDPE lined composting pad.

Blasting of 22,000m3 of rock on three faces within a redundant quarry and processing (crushing & screening) into primary graded aggregates for incorporation into site batched structural concrete.

Trimming, including scarification of rock floor prior to regulating with fines material in preparation for sub-base formation.

Placement and compaction of a 200mm thick layer of Type 1 across the footprint of the proposed composting pad, prior to placement of a 200mm thick layer of site batched roller compacted concrete over 9480m2.

Construction of 210 lm of cast in-situ concrete lined channel, laid to falls and connected to a HDPE lined lagoon.

Stringent materials testing including flexural concrete beam tests were undertaken to satisfy the requirements the Environment Agency.

The lagoon was enclosed with a 2.4m high palisade fence.

All unsuitable material, including incompetent rock, soils from two fault lines and fines was spread and levelled within existing quarried areas.